Cyber and Audio Visual Center North South University Library

The NSU Library  Cyber & Audio Visual Center is a multimedia center that supports the creative teaching and learning of North South University. It contains 40 high-end computers with a broadband internet connection, optimized for assignment writing, coding, downloading research articles & e-books, browsing the internet, and map visualization. This center is located on the 3.5th floor of the Library Building.

These computers are available on a first-come, first-served basis, and provide access to subscribed online journal databases, E-Books, MS Office, and high-speed broadband internet access. 

Opening Hours

        Day                     Opening Hours         Closing Hours
    • Sunday                      09.00 A.M.                       05.00 P.M.
    • Monday                     09.00 A.M.                       05.00 P.M.
    • Tuesday                    09.00 A.M.                       05.00 P.M.
    • Wednesday              09.00 A.M.                       05.00 P.M.
    • Thursday                  09.00 A.M.                       05.00 P.M.
    • Friday                        Closed
    • Saturday                   Closed
Rules & Conduct

  1. No food or drink and tobacco products are allowed in the Cyber & Audio-Visual Center.
  2. There is a security system installed to prevent the installation or removal of programs from the computers. If you have a request for a specific software program, please contact the duty officer for help.
  3. We ask that you be considerate of fellow students waiting to use a computer. Remember, some people need to complete work assignments and do not have a computer at home. Preference will be given to those who need a computer for class-related work over students surfing the web for personal use.
  4. Playing games, watching movies, and recreational activities, which do not contribute to the completion of university academic requirements, are prohibited in the Cyber and Audio-Visual Center.
  5. Any illegal activity (from p2p downloads to surfing questionable sites) will be associated with your account and you will be held responsible. NSU library officials will constantly monitor your activities.
  6. Please remember to clean up after yourself, close out of all programs, log out from all of your emails & Social media accounts and remove your disk or USB flash drive when you finish. 
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