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OpenAthens User Guidelines

It is necessary for academics and students to have access to e-resources for research, the publication of journals, and article; OpenAthen user portal provides the gateway to access e-resources from remote access. OpenAthens is an IP-based authentication system that provides access to the NSU library’s licensed online resources remotely. Members of NSU Library can apply for OpenAthens account;  and registered account holders can sign in to find a list of allocated e-resources from outside the campus.

Benefits of using MyAthens include:

    1. Allows you to access multiple electronic resources without needing separate usernames and passwords for each resource.
    2. Allows you to access the E-resources portal, an A-Z listing of all accessible journals, e-books, and open access content. The E-resources portal can be used to search for journals via title, subject, Digital Object Identifier (DOI), or PubMed ID. You can also search by citation.
    3. Enables you to access online resources remotely as well as in your workplace.
How to get an OpenAthens Account (Manual Process)

To activate your OpenAthens account you will be asked for some information, details of which are outlined in the registration form. We ask you to provide only the minimum information required for the administration of your OpenAthens account. Only authorized NSU library OpenAthens administrators have access to this information in order to troubleshoot access or authentication issues on your account. This information is not used for any other purpose or made available to any other parties.

NSU Library

To get registered for OpenAthens account you need to collect library membership ID (Membership id is mandatory). After getting your membership ID please download the OpenAthens account request form from North South University Library website, fill-up it and then submit this form to the Library Circulation desk. an email will be sent regarding your MyAthens Account ID and Password. We will send you a confirmation email with your OpenAthens account ID, and password when the registration process will complete. 

Login to your MyAthens Account

If you have a MyAthens username and password visit to log-in to your MyAthens account.

NSU Library

Registration validity for OpenAthens Account Holders

Registration validity for Faculty Members MyAthens account is one year and for the students of North South University is one semester. However, the membership renewal will be done according to the request at NSU Library. Request for renewal is the same OpenAthens form, need to be downloaded, after filling up the form please send it to NSU Library.

Having Problems?

If you have a problem with your OpenAthens Account or accessing resources off-campus, please contact:

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Officer Assigned: Shahnaz Islam

Call: +880255668200 Ext 6490