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The mission of the North South University Library is to support the research, teaching, and learning needs of the NSU community by providing wide-ranging scholarly resources, facilities and services, and working with faculty and students in the discovery, use, creation and management of information. The mission statement of NSU Library is to support NSU mission and vision for a better outcome. In the context of “Center of Excellence in Higher Education“, NSU prioritizes, undertakes, promotes and supports high quality research. NSU Library is a strategic partner of these research initiatives by providing quality resources, research advice and training on using research tools to the NSU research community. Globally research environment is much competitive and challenging. Moreover, online content and research tools are sophisticated to access and to use. So, for this complicated and multifaceted online resources, a set of skills are required irrespective of any researchers. Several research suggested that supporting educator’s teaching and students learning, a university library is an important information channel and resource. Immense research and studies have been made in this arena where academic and research librarians are in a position to assist faculty and students research as well as information need. Several studies observed a positive correlation with the library research and information related support with better research output and vibrant learning.

Research Community

Currently, NSU Library provides research supports with the collaboration of the Office of the Graduate Studies and IQAC. Additionally, NSU Library is in process of increasing this partnership and more collaboration with the deans of several schools, head/chair of the academic departments, faculty and research students of NSU, and other academic/research institutes. The Library can provide services in defining and specifying the need for information resources, effectively finding, locating and critically assessing required information, managing and interpreting, and legal use of information. NSU Library arranges training/workshop or individual appointments with the NSU Library research support team to faculty and research students.

Training Offered

The Library has a subscription of a wide range of quality online databases and several research tools. As this is not possible to acquire all the skills without proper knowledge sharing and hands-on training, and additionally, the information need and information seeking behaviour also varied due to the change of the context, NSU Library  is currently offering the number of training/workshop to the NSU research community.

  • Hands-on Workshop on NSU Library subscribed research Tools, i.e.-
    1. Scopus
    2. OpenAthens
    3. Mendeley
    4. Turnitin
    5. Grammarly
  • Authors profile/researchers ID
  • Systematic search techniques and strategies
  • Citation style and format
  • Manage your references using EndNote Basic/Zotero
  • Evaluate information sources
  • Ethical use of information/how to avoid plagiarism
  • Scholarly writing & intellectual ethics
  • Subject/discipline-based e-resource (know your online resources)
  • Identifying high impact journals and research trends
  • Bibliography services.
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