Library Fines & Fees



NSU community relies on the library, its services, and items  to conduct teaching-learning and research activities effectively. NSU Library, in turn, relies on its patrons to support and provide timely access to the  collection of library items within effort. While items are not returned in the timely manner, other users are denied to access the same resources. Library users help the library by returning or renewing the materials on or before the due date. Complying with Library Circulation Policies enables all users to share the wealth of its available resources.

 Courtesy Reminder & Overdue Notices

The NSU Library implements a Courtesy Reminder & Overdue Notices system to inform borrowers about the due dates for the items they have borrowed. Through email notifications, borrowers receive advanced reminders one day before the due date to help them avoid fines. To ensure they receive these notifications, borrowers can manage their email settings on the library website under the “Messaging” section of their account. This proactive approach helps borrowers stay updated on their borrowing status and promotes timely returns to avoid penalties.

Courtesy Reminder & Overdue Notices for Library fine

To enable Courtesy Reminder & Overdue Notices for Library fines, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the NSU Library website at
  2. Log in to your library account using your membership ID and password.
  3. Navigate to the “Messaging” section of your account settings.
  4. Check the option to receive email notifications for Courtesy Reminders and Overdue Notices.
  5. Save your settings to ensure they take effect.

By enabling these notifications, you’ll receive timely reminders about your borrowed items’ due dates, helping you avoid fines and manage your library account more effectively.

 Overdue Rates for Library Items

a. Fines are calculated after the expiry of the due date.

b. For students, Tk.20.00 overdue fine is charged per calendar day for each book.

c. For students, Tk.50.00 overdue fine is charged per calendar day for  for each reference book, reserved book, journal and periodical.

 Lost Item(s)

If a library user at North South University misplaces or loses an item borrowed from the library, they are required to either return the same item or compensate for its loss. The user must pay the current value of the lost item, along with a 20% service charge, to the library. Failure to return the item or pay for its replacement within six weeks after the due date results in the item being considered lost. This policy ensures that the library’s collection remains intact and accessible to all patrons.

 Damaged Item(s)

If a book is returned in a damaged condition, borrowers are required to take appropriate action to rectify the situation. This typically involves either replacing the damaged book with a new copy or paying the current price of the book along with additional processing fees. Fines for damaged books are calculated based on the extent of the damage and the current market value of the book. The University Librarian may conduct an inquiry into the damage, and borrowers are expected to cooperate fully with any investigation. Adherence to the fine policy for damaged books helps maintain the integrity of the library collection and ensures that resources remain accessible to all patrons.

Clearing Library Fines

When a borrower incurs fines for overdue or damaged items, they can settle their outstanding dues by following a simple procedure. Initially, borrowers receive courtesy reminders and overdue notices to prompt timely action. Patrons can visit the library circulation desk to clear fines, where duty officers will assess the fines and provide a printed fine payment receipt. The fines can be paid through designated banks, such as South East Bank, and United Commercial Bank,  Bashundhara Branch. Once the payment is completed, borrowers must submit the payment receipt to the circulation desk, where duty officers will update their accounts accordingly.

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