Office of the University Librarian

In response to the ongoing heat wave and the subsequent extension of online classes until May 2, 2024, as announced by NSU authorities, the NSU Library is making important adjustments to our operations to better support our patrons during this period.

  • No Fines During Online Classes: Understanding the difficulties posed by the current situation, the library will not impose fines on any overdue books during the online class period. This policy applies to all items currently due, including those already renewed. Patrons are not required to return their borrowed books until offline classes resume.
  • Extended Return Due Dates:  The return due dates for all borrowed books are extended until the resumption of offline classes. We encourage you to hold onto your books until in-person classes begin.

For any queries or assistance regarding library services, please get in touch with us at nsulibrary@northsouth.edu

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding as we adjust to these changes. Please take care of your health and consult medical professionals as needed during this heat wave.

Stay safe and stay informed,