What is an e-book?

An eBook is an electronic copy of a traditional printed book and uses either a computer, laptop, smartphone, or ebook reader to display long-form texts in book form. It can be published in different file formats, for example, plain text, PDF, image files, and others. As well as print books, North South University Library provides access to hundreds of e-books in a variety of subject areas. You can access e-books wherever and whenever you need them. Explore this guide to learn how to find and use e-books and e-textbooks and how to get e-book readers.

Searching for eBooks

The NSU library catalogue is the best place to find individual ebooks. Search for the book you want and if an ebook is available it will appear along with the print version of the book.

How do I get access to E-Books?

E-Book Access from NSU library OPAC requires NSU Library Membership ID and Password. Only NSU Library members can read and download e-books remotely from anywhere in the world.

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