Newspapers covering variety of fields including politics, business, sports & arts, and often include materials such as opinion columns, weather forecasts, reviews of local services, advice columns, etc.

Location & Access Policy

Printed newspapers are placed in the Periodical Section of the Library, located on the 2.5th floor in the library building. As a non-issuable items, users are allowed to read newspapers inside of the periodical section.

Present Collections

NSU Library is currently subscribing 24 (twenty-four) daily newspapers (printed copy) which are available in Newspaper Corner of the Periodical Section.

Sl. Title Frequency Dated Location Publisher Availability
1ইত্তেফাক (Ittefaq)Daily Newspaper2024-06-19Periodical SectionTarin HossainAvailable
2প্রথম আলো (Prothom Alo)Daily Newspaper2024-06-19Periodical SectionMedia Star Ltd.Available
3সংবাদ (Sangbad)Daily Newspaper2024-06-19Periodical SectionAltamas KabirAvailable
4জনকণ্ঠ (Jono Kontho)Daily Newspaper2024-06-19Periodical SectionGlob Jonokontho Shilpo PoribarAvailable
5ইনকিলাব (Inqilab)Daily Newspaper2024-06-19Periodical SectionKaderia Publications Ltd.Available
6যুগান্তর (Jugantor)Daily Newspaper2024-06-19Periodical SectionSalma IslamAvailable
7সমকাল (Shomokal)Daily Newspaper2024-06-19Periodical SectionDaily Samakal PressAvailable
8কালের কণ্ঠ (Kaler Kantho)Daily Newspaper2024-06-19Periodical SectionEast West Media Group Ltd.Available
9মানবজমিন (Manob Jomin)Daily Newspaper2024-06-19Periodical SectionMahbuba ChowdhuryAvailable
10যায়যায়দিন (Jay Jay Din)Daily Newspaper2024-06-19Periodical SectionSayeed Hossain ChowdhuryAvailable
11নয়াদিগন্ত (Noya Digonto)Daily Newspaper2024-06-19Periodical SectionShamsul HudaAvailable
12ভোরের কাগজ (Vorer Kakoj)Daily Newspaper2024-06-19Periodical SectionSaber Hossain ChowdhuryAvailable
13আমাদের সময় (Amader Shomoy)Daily Newspaper2024-06-19Periodical SectionNotun Vision Ltd.Available
14বাংলাদেশ প্রতিদিন (Bangladesh Protidin)Daily Newspaper2024-06-19Periodical SectionEast West Media Group Ltd.Available
15বণিক বার্তা (Bonik Barta)Daily Newspaper2024-06-19Periodical SectionBijoy Bangla Media Ltd.Available
16আমাদের অর্থনীতি (Amader Orthonity)Daily Newspaper2024-06-19Periodical SectionNaimul Islam KhanAvailable
17মানবকণ্ঠ (Manob kantho)Daily Newspaper2024-06-19Periodical SectionAnamika Publications Ltd.Available
18The Bangladesh ObserverDaily Newspaper2024-06-19Periodical SectionObserver Ltd.Available
19The Daily StarDaily Newspaper2024-06-19Periodical SectionTranscraft Star Ltd.Available
20The Financial ExpressDaily Newspaper2024-06-19Periodical SectionInternational Publications Ltd.Available
21The New NationDaily Newspaper2024-06-19Periodical SectionMoinul HossainAvailable
22The New AgeDaily Newspaper2024-06-19Periodical SectionA.S.M. Shahidullah KhanAvailable
23The Daily SunDaily Newspaper2024-06-19Periodical SectionEast West Media Group Ltd.Available
24The Dhaka TribuneDaily Newspaper2024-06-19Periodical SectionKazi Anis AhmedAvailable
25The News Today Daily NewspaperPeriodical SectionNewscorp Publications Ltd.Available
26The Independent Daily NewspaperPeriodical SectionIndependent Publications Ltd.Available
27দিনকাল (Dinkal)Daily NewspaperPeriodical SectionCity Publishing House Ltd.Available
* Revised as on 28 May 2023.

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