Newspapers covering variety of fields including politics, business, sports & arts, and often include materials such as opinion columns, weather forecasts, reviews of local services, advice columns, etc.

Location & Access Policy

Printed newspapers are placed in the Periodical Section of the Library, located on the 2.5th floor in the library building. As a non-issuable items, users are allowed to read newspapers inside of the periodical section.

Present Collections

NSU Library is currently subscribing 28 (twenty-eight) daily newspapers (printed copy) which are available in Newspaper Corner inside the Periodical Section.

Sl. Title Dated Location Publisher Availability
1?????? ???????? (Amader Orthonity)23rd May, 2022PeriodicalNaimul Islam KhanAvailable
2?????? ??? (Amader Shomoy)23rd May, 2022PeriodicalNotun Vision Ltd.Available
3The Bangladesh Observer23rd May, 2022PeriodicalObserver Ltd.Available
4???????? ???????? (Bangladesh Protidin)23rd May, 2022PeriodicalEast West Media Group Ltd.Available
5???? ?????? (Bonik Barta)23rd May, 2022PeriodicalBijoy Bangla Media Ltd.Available
6?????? (Dinkal)23rd May, 2022PeriodicalCity Publishing House Ltd.Available
7The Financial Express23rd May, 2022PeriodicalInternational Publications Ltd.Available
8The Independent 23rd May, 2022PeriodicalIndependent Publications Ltd.Available
9??????? (Inqilab)23rd May, 2022PeriodicalKaderia Publications Ltd.Available
11???????? (Ittefaq)23rd May, 2022PeriodicalTarin HossainAvailable
12????????? (Jay Jay Din)23rd May, 2022PeriodicalSayeed Hossain ChowdhuryAvailable
13?????? (Jono Kontho)23rd May, 2022PeriodicalGlob Jonokontho Shilpo PoribarAvailable
14???????? (Jugantor)23rd May, 2022PeriodicalSalma IslamAvailable
15????? ???? (Kaler Kantho)23rd May, 2022PeriodicalEast West Media Group Ltd.Available
16???????? (Manob Jomin)23rd May, 2022PeriodicalMahbuba ChowdhuryAvailable
17???????? (Manob kantho)23rd May, 2022PeriodicalAnamika Publications Ltd.Available
18The New Age23rd May, 2022PeriodicalA.S.M. Shahidullah KhanAvailable
19The New Nation23rd May, 2022PeriodicalMoinul HossainAvailable
20The News Today 23rd May, 2022PeriodicalNewscorp Publications Ltd.Available
21????????? (Noya Digonto)23rd May, 2022PeriodicalShamsul HudaAvailable
22????? ??? (Prothom Alo)23rd May, 2022PeriodicalMedia Star Ltd.Available
23The Dhaka Tribune23rd May, 2022PeriodicalAvailable
24????? (Shomokal)23rd May, 2022PeriodicalAvailable
25????? (Sangbad)23rd May, 2022PeriodicalAvailable
26The Daily Star23rd May, 2022PeriodicalTranscraft Star Ltd.Available
27The Daily Sun23rd May, 2022PeriodicalEast West Media Group Ltd.Available
28????? ???? (Vorer Kakoj)23rd May, 2022PeriodicalSaber Hossain ChowdhuryAvailable

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