Printed Books

The North South University Library is currently holding more than 51,000 printed books. All the books information  are  accessible through NSU Library Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC). Books located in general shelving locations are issuable to the valid library users.  Only the confined books marked as ‘Not for Loan’ are not issuable to the patrons. Users may use RFID Self-Check Machine(s) to borrow books. These vast collections support the teaching curriculum and major research needs of the NSU community, with a special emphasis on use-inspired, interdisciplinary research that focuses on discovering solutions to global challenges in health, security, and sustainability. The most recent editions and relevant course books can be found at level 3, level 3.5, level 4, and level 4.5 of the library.

Location-Based Collection

The NSU Library has printed books on different floors. The books on Business, Arts, Social Sciences, History, Literature, and Law are available on the 3rd floor of the library. Books on IELTS, GRE, etc. are available on the 3.5th floor of the library. The 4th Floor of the library, commonly known as  Reference Section has books on Science and technologies, Engineering, Biomedical, and Chines Language books.

Steps to Follow : Search & Locate Book(s)

The North South University Open Access Library Catalogue (OPAC) is the Library’s search tool which may be used to locate NSU Library printed-books and e-books. You can find the Catalogue Search box on the homepage of Library Website to conduct a  quick search of a book. To find advanced search options, you are recommend to follow  the opac search for options.

NSU Library hompage search

To search and locate printed books in the Library steps mentioned as follow.

Step 1

To find out a book in library database, first-of-all search your desired book through opac

NSU Library OPAC

Step 2

Search the catalogue using keywords relevant to your desired book (i.e title, author, subject, etc.).

NSU Library OPAC Search

Step 3

If the book is available, click on title of your desired item appeared in the search results. Detailed information of the book is described over there. To locate the book follow the  call-number, availability status and number of copies of the book. The Call Number is the physical location (i.e shelving location) of the book in the library.

Step 4

If the book is available to borrow, go to the specific book-shelve following the call number mentioned  (i.e your search result). 

NSU Library Book ShelvesP

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