Membership & Borrowing Policy


Library Policy

  • Graduate & Undergraduate students, Faculty members (Core or Part Time) have to fill up online Membership Form and come to Administrative section of the library to collect Barcode of Library Membership. 
  • A Graduate student may borrow up to four (4) books with related CDs and an Undergraduate student may borrow three (3) books with related CDs at a time for a maximum of fourteen days.
  • Both Graduate and Undergraduate students may borrow library resources at any one time for a maximum of fourteen(14) days, and resources may be renewed (login through online or physically) only for further fourteen(14) days.
  • Faculty member may borrow fifteen(15) text-books at any one time for a maximum of one full semester.
  • Core Faculty and Visiting Faculty member may borrow up to fifteen books with related materials and Part-time Faculty member may borrow up to five books with related materials at a time for maximum of one full semester.
  • Current journals, periodicals, reference and audio-visual materials may be borrowed for overnight use only.
  • Bound journals, periodicals may also be borrowed for a maximum of seven days.
  • A Bar Coded Member ID is provided to each member for borrowing and accessing of library resources.
  • Library resources are issued only to the members in person without any exception. The members are solely and fully responsible for safe keeping of the resources borrowed and their return on time.
  • Library resources are checked out by the designated officer and need to be returned at the circulation desk during the working hours only.
  • Borrowers must sign on the Book Card for each resource borrowed.
  • Library resources borrowed may be recalled at any time. Normally, reserved or overdue books are recalled.
  • Fines are calculated after the expiry of the due date stamped on the slip pasted at the end of the borrowed resources. 
  • Tk20.00 only per calendar day is charged for each item for Undergraduate and Graduate students.
  • For reference books, reserved books, journals and periodicals Tk50.00 only per calendar day fine is calculated after the expiry of the due date 
  • Borrower must return the same library resources or pay the current value of lost item(s) with 20% service charge to the library.
  • Any item not returned within six weeks after due date is considered as lost.
  • Undergraduate and Graduate students need to renew Library Membership at the beginning of each semester.
  • Bar Coded Member ID is non-transferable. Any lost ID must be reported to the Librarian immediately.