Turnitin Usage Instructions

Turnitin instructors/users are requested to follow the instruction mentioned below (recommendations had been suggested by the subcommittee for ‘Turnitin use’ and the last three years usage pattern).

  1. Faculty members of DEML, who are teaching ENG105 and BA and MA courses (200 level and above), as well as faculty members of other departments/institutes, may only upload their student’s final term/research papers/printed reports on Turnitin.
  2. Multiple submission of the same paper/report is not acceptable; this will be allowed only once.
  3. Class names should be created mentioning the course name and section. Previous semester classes must be removed; if not removed, the Library will have the authority to remove those.
  4. Core Faculty members may use Turnitin prior to the final submission of their research works/ articles/project reports only once. Faculty members can use the ‘Grammarly Premium’ version for subsequent checking if needed.
  5. As all statistics of Turnitin usage are available through Turnitin Admin Panel; the Library will send report/inform the faculty members and the Chair of the respective departments about their Turnitin use periodically.
  6. If the Turnitin usage crosses the license limit, Turnitin instructors’ accounts would be blocked from the top submitter to low.
  7. Library Turnitin Team will always monitor the submission/usage/misusage and regularly send reports to the higher authority to maintain the subscribed license and fees.

We seek the kind cooperation of all Turnitin users/instructors for a sustainable subscription to Turnitin at NSU.

Turnitin: To Upload Papers and Check Plagiarism by the Instructor

1. Create a New Class

2. Add Assignment to the Class

3. To Set Optional Setting: Paper save to ‘No Repository’

4. Submit Papers

5. Upload file from the Computer

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