Open Athens: User Portal for Remote Access

OpenAthen user portal provides the gateway to access e-resources remotely. OpenAthens is an LDAP user authentication system that provides access to the NSU library’s licensed online resources remotely. Members of NSU Library can apply for OpenAthens account;  and registered account holders can sign in to find a list of allocated e-resources from outside the campus.

Benefits of using MyAthens include:

    1. Allows you to access multiple electronic resources without needing separate usernames and passwords for each resource.
    2. Allows you to access the E-resources portal, an A-Z listing of all accessible journals, e-books, and open access content. The E-resources portal can be used to search for journals via title, subject, Digital Object Identifier (DOI), or PubMed ID. You can also search by citation.
    3. Enables you to access online resources remotely as well as in your workplace.

How to get an OpenAthens Account

To activate your OpenAthens account you will be asked for some information, details of which are outlined in the registration form. We ask you to provide only the minimum information required for the administration of your OpenAthens account. Only authorized NSU library OpenAthens administrators have access to this information in order to troubleshoot access or authentication issues on your account. This information is not used for any other purpose or made available to any other parties.

Online Registration

To get access to OpenAthens account, user need to have NSU library membership ID and NSU emial ID.

Please download the OpenAthens Form, fill it up, and send  email attaching the form to Ms. Shahnaz Islam, Senior Officer, NSU Library or Mr. Md. Abdul Hakim, Assistant Librarian, NSU Library.

OpenAthens account request form

Login to your OpenAthens Account

To log-in to MyAthens account visit to OpenAthens site, and click to login option.

NSU Library

Registration validity for OpenAthens Account Holders

Registration validity period MyAthens account for the Faculty Members is one year, and for the students of North South University is  one semester. Request for renewal of OpenAthens is the same  as the Registration Process.

Having Problems?

In addition, on many publisher/provider platforms, you can now look for a login button, click it and use the “Find your institution/organization” or “Looking for your institution?” box to search for North South University. After you select  North South University, you’ll be prompted to login. Use your OpenAthens ID and password to access.

Need Help?
Mrs. Shahnaz Islam

Ms. Shahnaz Islam

Senior Officer, Library

+880255668200 Ext.6490



Md Abdul Hakim

 Mr. Md. Abdul Hakim

 Assistant Librarian

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